Guitar / Flamenco / Jazz

He started studying the guitar at the “Conservatorio Superior de Musica Victoria
Eugenia”, and graduated in Music Education at the “Facultad de Ciencias de la
Education” (University of Granada).

Nowadays he combines his work as a music/guitar teacher and as a performer, being
involved in several musical projects. he plays his own material, made on flamenco
grooves and flamenco guitar sounds and techniques, but taking influences from many
other sources such as jazz, rock, Latin, World Music or classical music.

He has an extensive experience in many kind of private functions: hotels,
restaurants, weddings,corporate events and cruises.

His repertoire consists of Flamenco, Jazz, Classical, Latin and World Music in
general, offering variety to the public, always trying to make it rich and exciting
enough for the more attentive listeners, but pleasant and mellow for the ones who
prefer to keep it as a background for their conversations.

He performs as a solo guitarist,as well as being accompanied by bass or/and
percussion ( duo or trio). Other line ups can be arranged if required ( quartet,