Violin / Classical Music

Sam-Thi Nguyen is a classical trained violinist originally from Hanoi, Vietnam.
Sam-Thi was first studied violin with her father, who was a violinist and a conductor. Sam-Thi was later studied in Moscow, at the prestige music college Gnescine; she continued her music education at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London for post-graduate studies.
Sam-Thi was first performed professionally at the age of 13, at Moscow International Children Festival. She was regularly performed for the Vietnamese National Radio and Television as well as life concert platforms in Vietnam the 1980s, before she moved to Europe in 1990.
Sam-Thi is a recitalist, chamber musician and an experience orchestra violinist. As well as an active concert artist, she is a dedicated violin teacher. Sam-Thi currently lives and works in London.